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Because of their intended use, upholstery fabrics are often called furniture fabrics. Due to the many different production methods used in their manufacture, a wide variety of materials with highly diverse design and textures is available. These can be grouped into several categories; fabrics, knitted materials, flocks, chenilles, velvets, and eco leather. Upholstery fabrics are used most of all for covering a wide range of types of furniture such as sofas, armchairs, or footstools. The final form of the fabric and its use often depends ultimately on the individual need of the customer.

Upholstery covering fabrics

The state-of-the-art fabric collection available at Toptextil includes unusual fabric coverings, perfectly suited to the needs of even the most demanding customers. All materials offered in the Toptextil collection feature exceptional delicacy, soft texture, and inimitable design that brings to mind the styles of great artists. At the same time, they fit in perfectly with the currently popular boho and vintage styles. Thanks to the wide variety of designs and colours of upholstery materials offered by Toptextil, it is easy to find the right kind of material for a specific application. The detailed descriptions available of subcategories of upholstery fabrics means that browsing and finding the model that interests us the most is fast and easy. Please remember, however, that depending on monitor settings and properties, the colour displayed on the screen may vary somewhat from the real colour. Additionally, some of the materials in the Toptextil collection feature high flame resistance and moisture resistance, confirmed by numerous safety certificates. This high resistance to liquids means that spills don’t soak in, forming droplets on the surface instead so that there is no worry. This minimises the risk of damage to the furniture because of a spilled coffee, juice, or wine, keeping the material in brand-new condition for a long time. The high quality of our products is also confirmed by the Oeko-Tex certificates we hold, which give the customer the security that the products thus marked are free from harmful and potentially harmful substances. Additionally, the certificates that we hold issued by FIRA guarantee the highest class of fire safety, meaning that the covering material is resistant to ignition from a spark or flame, such as a smouldering cigarette (one of the most common causes of home fires). The collection is thus a guarantee of the highest level of fire safety. The carefully selected fabrics of our Toptextil series mean that finding the right design and colour is not a problem.

Upholstery covering materials

Upholstery covering materials are an elegant and practical way to refresh the look of old furniture, and also to refurbish an apartment in any style. In our Toptextil collection, everyone who appreciates good style will find something for themselves. All available models are made of upholstery fabrics of the highest quality and are sure to charm with their aesthetics and design. Those who are partial to classic interior design prefer our velour fabrics in a rich variety of patterns.