Fire resistance



The FIRA certificate (also known as the match test) is a document issued by the prestigious Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA for short) in the UK, according to BS 5852 Part 1 (glowing cigarette) and Part 2 (open fire) standards. Fabrics covered by this certificate are exposed to a fire, the source of which is a smoldering cigarette, as well as a burning match or gas burner. Fabrics covered by the FIRA certificate are called self-extinguishing fabrics, which means that the material ignites on contact with an open flame, but the fire does not spread further, and when the source of fire is removed, the burning material extinguishes itself. These fabrics are designed for specialist applications where high safety standards are required (hotels, restaurants, public facilities) and for all those who place emphasis on the highest standard of fire resistance.

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Cigarette test is a common name for the certification process according to PN-EN 1021-1:2014-12. This certificate guarantees that the upholstery system is resistant to smoldering and ignition by a smoldering cigarette - one of the most common causes of fires in homes. The collections covered by this certificate are a guarantee of the highest fire safety.

collections with cigarette test certification