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The Toptextil Comfort brand is dedicated to mattresses. It’s the perfect choice for people who value exceptional design. The mattress materials in this section are an unusual alternative for those who are searching for a combination of elegance and high quality materials. There are many kinds of fabrics composed in a way that makes it easy to choose the design that’s most appropriate for a given mattress. Every material available in this collection has its own specific properties, making each one individual. Toptextil Comfort is perfect for every type of mattress.

To find out more about the products in the Toptextil Comfort collection, it’s a good idea to learn more about the properties of a few of them:

The Ancona 9900 design is a synthetic fabric featuring extra-high durability. Toptextil offers two variants; Ancona 9900 and Ancona 9910. This material is exceptionally resistant to exposure to sunlight, as well as to staining of many different kinds. It has a wide variety of uses as an upholstery or mattress covering, and can be washed at temperatures of up to 40C.

The Modena Bed 9545 fabric, composed of 72% polyester (PES) and 28% polypropylene (PP) also has many uses. Thanks to its high surface weight of 190 g/m² ± 5 %, it is durable and resistant to stretching. It requires appropriate care with mild upholstery cleaning products. It should not be wet cleaned or ironed.

The Prato 9090 fabric features exceptional softness, making it perfect as a mattress fabric. Its surface weight of 170 g/m² ± 5 (%) and OEKO-TEX certificate guarantee that it is free from harmful substances such as chlorophenols or formaldehyde (which are harmful to human health in higher concentrations). It should not be wet cleaned or ironed.

The next model worth notice is the Quantum 9100 fabric. It’s an especially decorative proposition for those who enjoy unusual design. The material is composed of 100% polyester (PP), guaranteeing high resistance to stretching, high elasticity (the material does not require ironing), as well as fast drying times. It should not be bleached.

Upholstery mattress fabrics

The four models listed above are just a few of the enormous number of models available in the Toptextil Comfort brand. When choosing a material, it is important to find one which matches our needs for durability, stretch and scratch resistance. Another factor which is important in this selection is stain resistance and ease of care. This is especially important, as mattress coverings in most cases cannot be removed and washed separately in the washing machine. The entire Toptextil collection features striking colour schemes, and is easily matched to furniture, so it’s a great choice for anyone who enjoys design of this type. If you have any doubts, fell free to contact us for professional advice in selecting the appropriate fabric.