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I am thrilled to be able to represent Toptextil. This is a company which I have worked with for years and I know it very well. I am happy and proud that I can represent products which I truly believe in. The highest quality, efficient service, and most of all a passion for creation are what make the Toptextil brand stand out. Highly recommended.

Dr Marek Borowiński



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A company with a passion for creating

distributor of upholstery

The best furniture designers have no doubt about the vital role played by upholstery fabric in the appearance and practicality of a given model of furniture. It’s the type of fabric that determines how the piece of furniture will be seen when placed in a living room or dining room. So it’s important to choose materials which are perfectly suited to our needs and requirements. But it isn’t easy to find the perfect solution. That’s when you need the help of a professional distributor of upholstery and mattress fabrics, Toptextil. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field and cooperation with thousands of customers, we are widely recognised both in Poland and abroad, as confirmed by, among others, a Certificate of Business Reliability, which provides a guarantee that the holder is a reliable partner worth doing business with. This distinction is awarded by the Bisnode company in cooperation with Bisnode Polska, and is honoured around the world. We constantly expand our operations in the European market, always striving to provide the absolute highest quality. Our range of products comprises carefully selected top-grade mattress and other covering materials.

Toptextil – why us?

distributor of upholstery and mattress fabrics

Toptextil upholstery and mattress covering fabric distributor has been a leading importer of a wide range of materials since 2004. To satisfy our customers’ needs, we also strive to provide the best possible prices, simple and favourable cooperation conditions. We also offer professional advice for each one of our customers, efficient service, both pre- and post-sale, by our sales representatives located throughout Poland. When you use our services, you get a guarantee of quality at a reasonable price. Another hallmark of our high quality services is the lightning speed of logistics with every order. We have an efficiently managed warehouse base, contracts signed with reliable forwarders, and an effective system of realising orders, giving you the certainty that the goods we sell are always delivered to any point in Poland within 48 hours of being ordered – in practice, most orders are delivered the next day. All fabrics that we offer feature quality certification from the renowned Institute of Knitting Techniques and Technologies in Poland and equivalent institutions in Europe, making it easy to verify the quality of the products we deliver. Toptextil fabric importer also boasts a professional sales team which is available throughout the country to provide efficient and professional help with all questions

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Why is the choice of material so important, and how should we make our choice?

The fabric which the customer selects will influence not only the look of the furniture, but also its durability, comfort of use, and ergonomics. It is the material which will determine whether it is easy to maintain and keep clean. It is worth knowing that … When choosing materials, most people pay attention of course to its colour, decoration, and price. But apart from this, it is also important to look at the texture of the fabric. Additionally, customers should examine the fabric to make sure that there are no weaving defects or imperfections in coloration to avoid having to exchange the material later. When you take all these factors into account, you can be sure that the fabric you have selected will look great on your armchair, sofa, or even mattress, as Toptextil is also a distributor of mattress fabrics.

Fabric importer

For us, our customers’ needs are always top priority. That’s why we make every effort for our material to precisely meet the customer’s expectations. This is a natural result of our individual approach to every order and desire to realise the extraordinary ideas that our clients bring to us. Toptextil is a leading importer of various types of fabrics. These include for example fabrics with natural components, chenilles, velvets, eco leathers, and many, many others. Regardless of what kind of project you are undertaking, you’ll find the best upholstery fabrics and more with us. Our products are available for you 24 hours a day online, so you can browse through them at any time. You can submit an order now – just select a material and quantity and we’ll deliver it to you in no time at all.

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