Snagging resistant fabrics

What is petproof?

Toptextil fabrics labeled with the PETPROOF mark show increased resistance to thread pulling from animal claws.

PETPROOF fabrics have a fine weave and smooth surface, so that the coat does not stick to the material and is easy to remove with a clothing roll or a damp cloth.

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How to take care of furniture?

Teach your pet good behavior,
invest in a special pet bed and a cat scratcher, and teach them how to use these places by rewarding good behavior with treats; never let them scratch furniture

Keep your pets hygienic
by combing them regularly and cutting off their claws; this will reduce the amount of fur in the whole house and reduce scratches, not only on furniture

Do not scrub upholstery fabrics,
we recommend cleaning with the grain, and without using strong detergents; remove animal hair with a clothing roll or damp cloth;

Fabrics marked with Cleanaboo and PETPROOF
are a perfect combination. Not only are they not afraid of claws and hair, but they also limit the absorption of liquids, so that upholstered furniture will retain its fresh look for a long time.
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How do we perform tests?
PETPROOF fabrics are certified in accordance with PN-79/P-04664 standard issued by the Textile Research Institute. The thread pulling resistance test consists of placing a fabric sample on a roller and subjecting it to the action of metal spikes which, while bouncing off the rotating roller, imitate the action of animal claws.