Toptextil Display

The Toptextil display is a special design to showcase your selected Toptextil fabric cascade samplers in an aesthetic and practical way. We will deliver and install it in your furniture shop free of charge.

Benefits of choosing a Toptextil fabric display:

you do not have to worry about installation – we will come and install the display at your convenience;

you select which collections you want to put on the display – they can only be the ones you sell in your furniture shop;

the display takes up 0.15m² - it's only 30x50cm on your floor;

we will notify you immediately about the new collections and complete your display to keep you up to date with trends;

we will train your employees in the knowledge of fabrics, thanks to which they will be able to provide your customers with better advice;

from now on you become our partner, and we will promote you and your furniture store;