Ultrasonic quilting


A modern method of fabric finishing in the form of ultrasonic quilting consists in joining materials together without using threads. Thanks to the spot heating of the fabrics by means of ultrasound, it is possible to connect them permanently by direct pressure. The process of quilting with the use of ultrasounds also allows to create a variety of fancy patterns on fabrics, thanks to which its use is extremely wide. It is perfect for quilting bed heads, bed frames and even entire walls created with quilted panels. The absence of micro holes in the material, which are formed during classic thread quilting, is also a clear advantage of this method.

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How to place an order?

  1. Choose a fabric from the Toptextil range.
  2. Choose from 12 quilting patterns.
  3. Choose the thickness of the wadding ( none | 50 | 80 | 120 [g/m2] ).
  4. Send your order to: pikowanie@toptextil.pl
  • Orders for quilted fabrics are available starting from 1 roll (at least 30 meters).
  • We only quilt Toptextil fabrics.

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