7611TRACY collection: elegance and durability

TRACY collection: elegance and durability

TRACY Collection: elegance and durability

The new TRACY collection is the perfect solution that will meet even the highest demands of your clients. It seamlessly combines aesthetics, durability, and versatility.

Available in an impressive palette of 17 different colors, it offers you limitless design possibilities. Whether your clients prefer classic elegance, modern minimalism, or bold and expressive solutions, our fabric will exceed their expectations.

TRACY has been meticulously crafted with professionals in mind. Its unique woven texture gives it an unmistakable appearance that will set apart every upholstery project. Furthermore, it boasts not only aesthetics but also exceptional durability, which is paramount for upholstered furniture used on a daily basis. It holds a certification compliant with PN-EN 1021-1:2014-12, guaranteeing that the upholstery fabric is resistant to ignition sources such as smoldering cigarettes.

Choose your favorite color from among the 17 available options and create projects that will become true works of upholstery art.

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