7611NEW – Baloo bouclé

NEW – Baloo bouclé

NEW – Baloo bouclé

The long-awaited bouclé fabric by designers and designers is already here. The Baloo collection is a typical bouclé with a surface covered with numerous loops maintained in a classic colour scheme with a few bold colours.

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What is bouclé?

The name 'bouclé' from French means 'loop', a direct reference to the yarn from which the bouclé is made. Characteristic of this type of yarn are the numerous knots and loops on its surface, which are irregular and of different sizes. This irregularity is where the charm of the bouclé fabric lies - its non-ideal, convex surface is soft, warm and pleasant to the touch. Originally, bouclé fabric was made exclusively from wool, but nowadays polyester is an equally effective and much more durable raw material.

History of the bouclé fabric

The creator of bouclé fabric is considered to be Coco Chanel, who from the 1930s onwards experimented with tweed jackets, which over time evolved into the timeless short jackets we know today made from looping fabrics.

In interior design circles, the tangled, loop weave fabric was popularised in the United States in the 1940s. It's all thanks to Florence Knoll - co-founder of furniture brand Knoll, who together with designer Eero Saarich created the timeless Womb armchair. The furniture had to be unquestionably comfortable and convenient so that one could rest on it in many positions. Covering it with bouclé fabric has given it extra softness and cosiness.

Womb Chair Knoll
Knoll Womb armchair designed by Eero Saarich
Okladka Baloo Kopia

Baloo bouclé

Baloo is a new collection from Toptextil consisting of 20 colour variations. The characteristic colour of broken, warm white for this type of fabric has been complemented with several warm shades of beige, pinks, browns, pure greys, as well as navy blue, the indispensable bottle green and the must-have colour of this season - olive. In creating this collection, we have managed to achieve a looping surface typical of beechwood. This is all thanks to the loop yarn, which is woven into a dense and durable backing that is invisible from the outside. As a result, in addition to its aesthetic qualities, the fabric has gained in durability, which is particularly important for upholsterers.

Technical parameters

To ensure that the Baloo collection meets both technical and visual requirements, we decided to combine several raw materials. Acrylic and cotton in the composition guarantee a natural, irregular look, while polyester is a guarantee of durability and strength. A weight of up to 570 g/m² was unavoidable in order to achieve the effect of unusual thickness and convexity. The Baloo collection has successfully passed the certification processes and achieved the highest categories for seam offset, friction, pillowing and abrasion resistance achieving a score of over 100.000 Martindale cycles. Its additional advantage is certainly the cigarette certificate which guarantees fire safety.


Baloo has been created for upholstered furniture, but will work equally well on bedspreads, blankets and curtains. It is a collection that is at once stylish and luxurious, yet retains its cosy, soft character. It combines perfectly with metallic colours of gold, copper and rose gold, but also with boho rattan and raw wood. It is worth noting that its soft, convex form works best on round and oval solids, which further enhance its distinctive features.

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