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Toptextil Sp. z o.o. – quality, class and attractive prices

Would you like your furniture to be one-of-a-kind? Are looking for innovative, breath-taking solutions? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. We can satisfy your wildest dreams! Our company is a leading importer of a wide range of upholstery materials. For the last 14 years, we have been steadily expanding our operations in the Polish market. We place a constant focus on the quality of the products that we offer. Our assortment contains only first quality upholstery and mattress fabrics. Thanks to this, furniture made with materials purchased from us are beautiful, durable, and most of all unique. The wide range of colours and designs available will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The rich assortment allows you to choose materials for the interior style you wish to achieve. To meet the expectations of our many customers, we also offer convenient terms and conditions. Every customer can expect professional advice and experienced sales representatives, and fast and convenient service both in Poland and throughout Europe. When you choose us, you can be sure that you’ll get high quality fabrics with beautiful designs and colours, as well as attractive prices. Thanks to our products, your furniture will be beautiful, durable, and most of all original.

Professional service

What is it that sets our service apart? Definitely its speed and efficiency! Another hallmark of our service is the lightning speed of logistics. We have an efficiently managed warehouse system, stable collaboration with reliable courier companies, and effective realisation of sales agreements, meaning that purchased items will arrive anywhere in Poland within 48 hours. We also deliver products anywhere in Europe. Every fabric available in our offer is certified the renowned Institute of Knitting Techniques and Technologies in Poland and equivalent institutions in Europe. These certificates confirm the quality of every product in terms of durability and reliability. Our professional and experienced sales team is at your service throughout Poland. We also offer technical support in the form of professional consulting advice and practical instructions for use. Our customers also receive support in the form of promotional materials, fabric samples, catalogues, and display items. Every customer can order samples of materials to make sure that the fabric you are buying is the right one. Feel free to get to know about our detailed offer and cooperation. We are sure that cooperation with us will be the right decision, and that you will be pleasantly surprised by the final effect of furniture upholstered with our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Orders for covering fabrics can by placed at Toptextil by telephone at (33) 876 49 39, by fax at (33) 876 49 39, by e-mail at the address – zamowienia@toptextil.pl or directly with a sales representative responsible for a given region.
The realisation time of every order depends on when it is submitted. Materials ordered by 11.00 CET typically reach the customer the next day provided the delivery location in within Poland. Maximum delivery time within Poland is 48 hours.
Materials upholstered with chenille fabrics should be cleaned immediately in the case of any stains. They should be vacuumed, cleaned and hand-brushed using a soft brush without excessive pressure to avoid damaging the fibres. Fresh stains should be immediately removed using a cloth dampened with soapy water, without rubbing the stain into the material to avoid lasting changes in the appearance of the outer layer. In the case of other types of fabrics, follow the instructions included on their labels.
Fabrics offered by Toptextil feature certificates issued by the manufacturer or relevant fabric safety institutions such as the Institute of Knitting Techniques and Technologies in Łódź. Before the certificate is issued, every material is subjected to individual tests for quality; Martindale, thread shifting in seams, tearing, and piling. In many cases, resistance to sunlight exposure and abrasion are also tested. All this so that you can enjoy a product of the highest quality.
The Martindale test is a test for the durability of a fabric. Round swatches of material are placed in a special machine and subjected to intensive rubbing in a circular Lissajous motion with a standardised piece of fabric. The level of resistance to abrasion is defined by the number of cycles conducted before two yarns break or material mass of the fabric is lost. The thickness of the fabric before and after the test can also be measured to determine the degree to which it has been damaged.
Cleanaboo is an innovative technology created especially for the use of our company. Fabrics manufactured using Cleanaboo technology feature limited absorption of water. Liquids which may be spilt on them, such as water, coffee, and wine, are no longer a problem since they form droplets on the surface of the material instead of being absorbed.
Cleanaboo+ is a technology which was also created for the use of our company. A special layer covering the fabric ensures professional protection against different types of stains. Removing stains from pens, chocolate or coffer has never been so easy. To clean up most stains, all that is needed is water and a clean cotton cloth.
Material composition describes substances used in the process of fiber production.
Below are abbreviations commonly used to describe fabric composition:
PES – polyester
PP – polypropylene
ACR – acrylic
COT – cotton
PU – polyurethane
PVC – polyvinyl chloride
WOOL – wool
VSC – viscose
LIN – linen
SIM – metallised yarn with characteristic gold or silver shine
SPANDEX – elastic synthetic fiber (other name – ELASTANE)
THERMOLITE – lightweight, synthetic fibers with channels inside, which make them better at storing heat and transporting moisture.
MODAL – celulose fiber made from trees, on the basis of viscose. It is highly resistant to damage and has satin shine.
CARBON – carbon fiber characterised with high resistance to chemical substances.