7611New Offering from Toptextil: Quilting Fabrics on Upholstery Foam

New Offering from Toptextil: Quilting Fabrics on Upholstery Foam

We are excited to announce a new addition to our range – quilting fabrics on upholstery foam! Toptextil, as a leader in providing the highest quality upholstery fabrics, constantly strives to introduce innovations that meet our customers' expectations. This time, we present a technique that will elevate the aesthetics and comfort of your furniture to a whole new level.


Quilting Fabrics on Upholstery Foam: New Standards of Comfort and Elegance

Quilting upholstery fabrics is a technique that gives furniture a unique, elegant appearance and enhances its comfort. Traditionally, a layer of batting is used in the quilting process, but our new method introduces an innovative solution – using 1 cm thick upholstery foam.

Why Upholstery Foam? Here Are Some Key Advantages:

Aesthetics and Elegance

Quilting adds a unique, three-dimensional look to upholstery fabric, giving furniture a luxurious and elegant character. Patterns such as diamonds, squares, or the Chesterfield design create deep, striking textures that catch the eye and enhance the interior's aesthetics.


Upholstery foam, as the base for quilting, significantly increases the comfort of sitting and using furniture. The additional foam layer provides softness and support, making the furniture more comfortable and ergonomically suited to the user's body.

Durability and Strength

Quilting strengthens the fabric's structure, reducing its susceptibility to stretching and wear. With strong stitching and additional reinforcement, quilted fabrics are more resistant to mechanical damage, translating to longer furniture life.

    Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

    The additional layer of upholstery foam provides better thermal and acoustic insulation, which is especially important for upholstered panels.

    Reduction of Deformations

    Quilting helps distribute pressure evenly across the furniture's surface, reducing the risk of deformations and sagging in areas of heavy use. This helps furniture maintain its shape and appearance for longer.

    Value for Your Customer

    Upholstered furniture with quilted fabric on upholstery foam is often perceived as premium products, which can increase their market value.

      Application Examples

      The new technique of quilting fabrics on upholstery foam is ideal for various applications:

      • Living Room Furniture: Sofas, armchairs, poufs
      • Upholstered Beds: Headboards, bed frames
      • Decorative Elements: Pillows, throws, headboards
      • Office Furniture: Chairs, office armchairs

      How to Order?

      Ordering quilted upholstery fabrics at Toptextil is simple and intuitive:

      1. Contact Us: Our advisors are available to answer all your questions and help you choose the best solutions.
      2. Choose Fabric and Pattern: We will present you with a wide selection of fabrics and quilting patterns that you can customize to your needs.
      3. Order Fulfillment: After approving all details, we will proceed with your order, ensuring the highest quality workmanship and timely delivery.