Exclusive covering fabrics

Designs for demanding customers

Our company, Toptextil, makes these beautiful exclusive upholstery fabrics available not only to designers and architects, but also to individual customers. Our offer also includes products that are sure to interest the owners of restaurants, hotels, and guest houses. You can find models with unique designs and colours on our website. We offer a broad range of fabrics – plain, flower pattern, striped, with dots, the list goes on and on. This extremely broad selection means that every customer can find a product perfectly suited to his or her individual needs and expectations. Without a doubt, the hallmark of Toptextil is design.

Our company always stays abreast of the latest trends, and our materials are always designed with an eye to the latest fashions. Furniture upholstered with materials from our collections are not only high quality, but also serve as the centrepiece of the room which they are in, giving it a stylish and exclusive appearance and making a very good impression of the general standard. Our materials look great on any kind of furniture, winning universal praise.

Exclusive upholstery and decorative fabrics

Apart from their decorative qualities, these fabrics also make furniture and accessories more comfortable to use. They are easy on the skin with a pleasant feel, as well as easy to keep clean. We only use the highest quality fabrics, so they can be enjoyed for years. Some of the fabrics in our offer are manufactured using Cleanaboo and Cleanaboo+ technology, meaning that when you spill a beverage on the fabric, the liquid is repelled and forms drops on the surface rather than soaking into the furniture or pillow. This technology is also often used in conjunction with Cleanaboo+ technology, which is highly resistant to tough stains.

Do you have children at home? Then you’re sure to have had your sofa marked with a ball-point pen or smeared with chocolate. This technology is the answer to your problems. All you have to do is wipe off the stain with water and a dry cloth. It’s that easy thanks to a special layer which prevents the stain from penetrating the material. All of our products are made with the customer in mind. Beauty, functionality, high quality, a wide selection, and attractive prices are only some of the advantages of our brand. Feel free to have a look at the rest of our selection. We’re sure that you’ll find something for yourself. The following pages also display our mattress fabrics with outstanding properties. They are a must-have for any home.